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Angela Skurtu Therapist in St Louis

Meet the Therapist in St Louis

Angela Skurtu M.Ed, LMFT is a Missouri Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Nationally (AASECT) Certified Sex Therapist.

Angela provides counseling in Ballwin, Mo, including couples counseling, marriage therapy, and sex therapy. Click to find out more info

AngelaBookCover.jpgMy Book on Pre-Marital Counseling

Angela Skurtu's book, "Pre-Marital Counseling: A Guide for Clinicians." (Routledge, March 2016, $29.95), covers the predictive factors for marital success, the five habits of healthy relationships, and researched strategies for maintaining desire in a long relationship.

This guide for clinicians can even be useful for clients wanting to make a lasting marriage successful. Click here to order from Amazon.


Marriage Therapy

Find out more about Marriage Therapy. What is the process? What are the goals? Your Therapist in St. Louis can help. Click for more info.



St. Louis Marriage Therapy LLC is committed to providing researched techniques that work. We counsel in the areas of relationship conflict and many other issues. Click for more info.

Workshops and Events

Speaking at your Event

Angela Skurtu, M.Ed., LMFT is available to speak at seminars, workshops, churches, schools, fundraisers and a variety of events. A list of topics is below or you can request a more specific topic to cater to your group. Her speaker fee is contigent on location, length of workshop, and group size. If you are interested in having her speak, please call 314-973-7997 or submit a contact form for more information. 


Your Healthy Marriage
Premarital and Pre-Commitment Counseling
Sex, Wine and Chocolate 
Keeping the Desire in Your Relationship
A Collaborative Treatment for Painful Sexual Intercourse
Affair Proofing Your Relationship
Sex and Disability
Coping with Erectile Dysfunction
Parenting 101
Alternative Sexual Lifestyles: Kink and Polyamory
Blurred Lines: Defining the Difference Between Healthy Sex and Abuse
Sex and Kidney Disease
High Conflict Couples 
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